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Colorado Springs Group Rides

Colorado Springs Group Rides

Weekly Group Rides at Bicycle Village Colorado Springs are a great way to regularly meet other cyclists in the area. 
These are "No Drop" rides, meaning that we never speed off leaving anyone behind. Bicycle Village provides rider support for flat tires and cycling tips for those in need of guidance. 

There is a lot to be learned about cycling from riding in a group, Like: Pedal Technique, Proper Form, Cadence not to mention the comradery you will feel while riding with other cycling enthusiasts.

 Bicycle Village Colorado Springs Saturday Group Rides gathers at 9 a.m. and departs at 9:30 a.m.

(Not all groups meet, it is all weather pending and determined as to which level of rider shows up)

(Call the shop  to see which ride will be leaving each weekend - 719-265-9346 or subscribe to the Group Email )

A great place to do your first ride
Come meet and visit with new friends
These rides are geared for fun
Destination is typically a local coffee shop
Maximum Speed 12 mph
Avg Distance: 15-25 miles
Suggested Bike: Hybrid, Comfort, Cruiser, Mtn Hardtail

A great workout if you want to push yourself a little bit
You try to ride once or twice a week
Just getting back into the sport after sometime off
Your commute to work is too want more!
Feel the distance/speed of the Int. group is too much
Avg MPH: 10-15mph
Avg Distance: 25-35 miles
Suggested Bike: Beginner Road, Hybrid

You're confident with your bike
Have experience with longer rides and faster speeds
Prefer a steady pace over breaks/stops
Like to venture to new places, discover new routes and
meet new friends that enjoy cycling as much as you!
Avg MPH: 14-18mph
Avg Distance: 35-50 miles
Suggested Bike: Road
You want to be pushed to new limits...raise the bar!
Love attacking hills, riding hard, and going the distance
Want to practice pace-lines and drafting
You're in shape and prepared for this strong of a ride
Avg MPH: 16-20mph
Avg Distance: 40-60 miles
Suggested Bike: Road

For more information or to join the Bicycle Village Group Ride Email List, contact the Bicycle Village Colorado Springs at 719-265-9346.

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